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Online Collateral Management, Marketing, & Personalization

W2Psoftware is a vendor-hosted (SaaS) web to print service that provides solutions for creating, marketing, managing, and delivering static or personalized (versioned or variable data) documents.  


This service offers many benefits to franchisors and frachisees, including:

  • All parties have real-time access anywhere to documents needed for business success.
  • Documents can include those In-store pieces such as promotional posters and business cards, but can also include direct mail pieces that can be versioned (personalized) and mailed.
  • Franchise marketing documents can be produced once and then personalized by your franchisees.
  • Brand control of all documents and marketing collateral.
  • A consistent location for all marketing collateral material.
  • Approval chain if required.
  • And a source of revenue for franchise management.

 We can assist you in making your collateral material personalize-able and putting it on your storefront.  Our team can take all your existing flyers, cards, posters, etc and create the "copyholes" which can be personalized.  You can have us create your templates or we can teach your staff how to do it.

Give us a call or request a demo to learn more.

New customers, who agree to use our service for a year, will receive FREE the VDP engine (FusionPro 8) software that drives the personalization - an $800 value.