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As you can see from the below feature table we have a very comprehensive and capable product that can be customized for your application and powerful enough to meet the needs of a demanding customer.

Software Type  SaaS Software as a Service (Saas) requires no servers, no software to download and no internal IT resources 
Price Structure Monthly/Annual Flat monthly fee.  No additional fees for number of customers or services.  See below section called Licensing/Costs
Training / Support Personal & 
Blog, FAQs, Videos
Initial training conducted over GoToMeetings is free.  We will set you up with templates from our Template Warehouse that you can use/modify.  In addition we will train you from the ground up on two products of your own making.  We will help you with the graphics, the FusionPro, and installing it on your web portal.  Expect to spend 3 or 4 hours on the initial training.  On-site training is available, contact us for costs.  Our support staff is available 9 to 5 EST weekdays to answer questions.  Our Tech Blog, Tech FAQ, and Training Videos are available 24/7.
Customizable Site Appearance Per Customer Each customer gets a custom URL for their storefront.  Match your customer's brand with color schemes, logos, and graphics.  As soon as you sign on we will customize your portal with the graphics you give us.  Future customization is up to you.
Document Template Design Vary capable Build a range of templates with FusionPro's VDP software.  We support all the rules, resources, and capabilities built into that software
Template Design Plug-Ins InDesign, Quark Create templates in the top graphic design programs using FusionPro's software plug-ins and upload with ease
VDP (Personalization) Yes, very capable Upload offline templates created in FusionPro's variable data printing software.  Get started right away with using/modifying templates from our Template Warehouse.
Role/User Permission Controls Yes, very capable Supports nearly any organizational or role structure desired
Order Approvals Yes Multiple order approvals capability
User/Department Budget Yes Customer can control spending per user or group/department
Order Tracking Yes Multiple order statuses allow detailed viewing from order to delivery through the production daskboard
Security Yes HTTPS protocol and 1280bit SSL encryption
Job Ticketing Yes Job tickets give detailed instructions for each order
Impositioning Yes Make use of FusionPro's impositioning capability to produce production ready files
User Payment Types Multiple Credit card, invoicing, budget funds
Reporting Pre-built and Custom Reports provide detailed information on all systems.  A complete excel data export of all order and user data is available.
Language Support Yes Language tables allow customization of the storefront text
Web Services Multiple Examples: Check Order Status, Create Packing Slip, Create Invoice, Delete Line Item, Update Inventory, Messaging
Output Formats Multiple HP-PPML, JLYT, PPML, VDX, VIPP, VIPS, Standard/Optimized PDF, PS, and AFP
Dynamic/Intelligent Form Entry Yes Conditional logic can be built into any template.  Fields can be set up to autopopulate with the user's data.
Ad-Hoc Job Submission Yes Orders can be added directly by the owner instead of by customer
Order Delivery Multiple Orders can be printed or eDelivered to the customer over the internet.  In addition you can upload to a personalized document a mailing list that will be later merged to create a postal delivery product.

Licensing / Costs:

This SaaS (software as a service) application is available on a monthly or annual fee basis.  No up-front costs for the service.  The monthly subscription fee can be cancelled with no penalty.  See the Online Store for the subscription fee options.  The only other cost is purchasing a copy of FusionPro's VDP (desktop version) program.  This is needed if your company is going to make the variable data templates for the storefront.  We can provide the FusionPro program to you at a discount. If only static items/documents or if we are going to produce the variable products, then the FusionPro VDP program is not necessary.

If you want to accept credit cards on your site, then there will be the following costs: 1. The purchase of a Wildcard SSL Certificate to protect your customers using your site.  (We recommend purchasing it from GoDaddy.com.  Will provide hands-on help with this.)  2. The purchase of PayPal's PayFlow Gateway.  (This gateway is needed to serve as the channel for the payment to go to your credit card merchant account.)  We strongly suggest that you contact the Pathway Payments (link and info below) when you are considering getting the gateway.  This company can make the process easy and could possible save you money on the credit card processing fees.

Official Gateway and Merchant Account Provider
Pathway Payments is an industry leading, solutions based, Payment Acceptance Provider.  We are Authorized Resellers for the most secure and advanced online payment gateways in the marketplace including PayFlow Pro.  Also, as a Merchant Account Provider representing 16 credit card processors from 11 different banks, you are guaranteed the lowest credit card acceptance rates offered in the U.S.  Click on the logo for more information.