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Benefits of Going with W2Psoftware over other providers:

Best Value We believe that we offer the best value for B2B Web to Print service.  We offer a feature and tool rich product at low price.  We are using the best VDP engine (FusionPro), providing comprehensive capabilities at a fraction of the price.
Initial Training We offer personal training to get you up and running ASAP.  Choose from our Template Warehouse and have these products placed in your site for you to instantly use or modify.  We set up GoToMeetings with your technical staff and work through the development of inital products from conception all the way through being active products on your sales portal.
Ongoing Support
We provide personal support.  We don't leave you just with email support.  We answer our telephone with people and call you back.  
Customization Available We can customize our service features to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Personalizing Documents in a Web to Print Environment:

Control of the Brand  Maintain a company's brand guidelines by specifying what, when, and how content can be customized.
Offer Customizable Products Provide on demand customizable documents for your customers.  This personalization with text and graphics makes the documents more engaging.
Centralize and Consolidate
Provide a single storefront portal that hosts all digital assets.
Reduce Costs
Save costs by automating processes, streamlining workflows, and reducing obsolete collateral.
Reduce Time to Market
Decrease the time producing materials by automating workflows and processes that deal with content and graphics.
Manage Users with configuration rules
Configure user profiles to manage access to digital assets, prefill templates, determine approval workflows, and more...  This saves time and effort on everyones part.