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[General] Job tickets not being created in production zip file

We have learned recently that a number of subscribers are finding that the job ticket is not being created within the production zip file.  After researching this we found that the original pdf file for the product had one or more spaces " " in its file name.  This is a problem.  When a file with spaces in its name is uploaded to our service, we automatically replace the space with an underscore.  Later, when the file is being called for in our service, it can't be found as the file on our server has underscores, but the file it is looking for doesn't.

So, the lesson to learn is that all files uploaded to our server should never have a space in its file name. 

BTW, the same issue applies to images.  If you have an image that doesn't display, check that the name of the file doesn't include any spaces.

Never upload a file that has a space in it, whether it is a pdf or an image file.