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[FusionPro] Importing Layout/Frames from another FusionPro PDF

If you have a pdf with all the variable blocks and data all completed, but want to have a different background pdf, then you can follow the below steps.  These steps will allow you to import the data definition and all the variable frames etc...

1. Open the pdf that has the background that you want to use.

2. Click "FusionPro", "Data Definition", "Wizard". Select "Import Data Source From Another Document". Click Next.

3. Browse to the folder that contains the original pdf you want the data information imported from.  The name of the file will have a ".def" extension. Select it. Click "Open". Click "Finish"

4. Next, Click "FusionPro", "Advanced", "Import". A dialog box will appear with the following options preselected: Variable Layout, Colors, Style. Browse to the folder containing the pdf you want to import the frames/layout from.  Select that pdf.  Click OK