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[Product Configuration] Hidden Value field and images

One can use the Hidden Value field and have it fill a graphic frame with a preset image.  There are multiple reasons why you might want to do this.  For examply, you might want to have a graphic image overlay the main image that your customer uploads.  This might be a frame with a transparent middle section, or text that is in a surrounded by transparent pixels.  When one makes holiday cards these effects are often desired.

To use the Hidden Value field for images you write the name of the file that you want used in the default value field.  Make sure that it is spelled correctly and that there are no spaces in the name.  (Remember that is a key requirement for all files on our system - no spaces in the name.)  Our program will look for that file in the Support Files directory.  To put that file in that directory you will need to upload it as a support file.  You do that right under the area where you upload the pdf, dif, dat, etc...

Now if you are going to use files with transparent pixels, please see the FAQ that deals with that.