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[Product Configuration] Suppress Background - special instructions to get it to work right.

We have learned that the name of the dif file is held within the dat file and this has consequence when one wants to suppress the background.

The dpalink.com program appends in the front of the dif, def, and dat file a date stamp.  This date stamp helps with version control, but it makes the dif file name different than the one in the dat file.

So, to get the name right you need to name the orginal file with the date stamp in front.  Like: MMDDYYY-   So the file green.pdf should read if today's date is March 13th, 2012: 03132012-green.pdf.  Now, collect for output and get the dif, def, and dat files.

Now, delete the date stamp and its "-" and resave the file.  Then upload these files and let the dpalink.com reappend the datestamp and "-" in front of the file.

Now you will see that the suppress background works.