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[FusionPro] Can my products proof in one configuration, but the production file be imposed.

Yes, this is very easy to do.  Set up multiple FusionPro configurations.  One to be used for the online proofing and another to be used for the production.  You will need to use FPImposer to create an imposition file and that file needs to be called for in the FusionPro configuration and you will need to upload that imposition file in the support files upload area.

Check out Fusion Pro's tutorial on FPImposer before contacting us for support.

You need to modify the FusionPro Configuration settings to tell FusionPro where to look for the imposition file.  So a line like the following needs to be added to the configuration: ImpositionDefFileName=C:\DPASites\DPAStorage\MemberName\CustomerName\supportFiles\Imposition_24Up_BusinessCards.fpi  Now, you need to replace "MemberName" with the appropriate Member Name and the same with CustomerName.  You can find what to replace these with if you go to the Customer Profile page.  There is a field there that says "Customer Directory".   After DPAStorage you will see the two names that you want.

Ask for support on this and we will be glad to show you how to do it.  Once you learn you will find it very easy.