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[General] Credit Cards - How do I set up to process credit cards?

There are a number of steps that must be taken to allow your site to process credit cards:

  • Obtain a wildcard SSL Certificate for your domain
  • Purchase the Paypal Payflow Pro Gateway
  • Obtain a merchant account at Paypal or with another merchant bank that uses the Paypal Payflow Gateway.
You can take the below steps yourself or you might consider using Pathway Payments to assist you in getting your gateway and possibly the merchant account.  We recommend that you contact Pathway Payments as we have found that they have been able to quickly, easily, and economically help other customers get the gateway and merchant account.

Official Gateway and Merchant Account Provider
Pathway Payments is an industry leading, solutions based, Payment Acceptance Provider.  We are Authorized Resellers for the most secure and advanced online payment gateways in the marketplace including PayFlow Pro.  Also, as a Merchant Account Provider representing 16 credit card processors from 11 different banks, you are guaranteed the lowest credit card acceptance rates offered in the U.S.  Click on the logo for more information. 

 Wildcard SSL Certificate.  This certificate's purpose is to keep credit card transactions safe from hackers.  These certificates are available to purchase from godaddy.com.  Now, godaddy may have changed their site, but this is what you are looking for.  Select the "SSL & Security" tab and chose the SSL Certificate link.    You can see on their Standard SSL product the option for wildcard subdomains.  That is what you want.

Now, you should be purchasing  the certificate for the domain that you want to use with our service.  The wildcard feature allows you to be able to use any subdomain you want.  This is important as the subdomains will be the customer profiles you set up on our service.  You need to forward the information about the certificate to us so we can properly configure your site.  Please read carefully the below screen capture as it has important information about the purpose of wildcard feature and it also tells you how to make sure you have set the wildcard feature the way that you want to.

The site is set up to use the Paypal's Payflow Gateway.  This means that you must purchase PayPal's product called "Payflow Pro."  You can not use their product called "Payflow Link", nor their Website Payment products. 

This gateway allows you to transmit the financial information from our site to the credit card processor of your choice.  You can chose to use Paypal as your processor.  If you chose to use another processor, you need to contact the other company and get from them a Merchant Setup Sheet (sometimes called a VAR sheet).  There are four pieces of information we need to put into our system to properly use the gateway.  We need the following:

  • Partner:
  • Merchant ID
  • User:
  • Password:

To help you get your Paypal Payflow Gateway, we have captured some screen shots from Paypal's website.  Please recognize that they may have changed their site since we took these shots, but they will be representative of what you are seeking to do.

So, go to www.paypal.com, select the Business tab, chose Payflow Gateway, and then step through the rest of the process....