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[Product Configuration] My static pdf won't proof. How do I make it proof?

You can make a static pdf proof.  Here's how.

Basically you create a variable product with a hidden field and your user is not prompted to answer the hidden field and it goes straight to offering the preview button.

1. In Product Maintenance, change the Item Type from "Fixed Item Type" to "Template Type Item".
2. Add a small Fusion Pro Text field to the pdf, assign the value "hiddenfield" to it, and then compile it to generate the dif, def, and dat files.
3. Upload the new pdf, dif, def, and dat files in the appropriate places for the product.
4. Create one field named "hiddenfield" and select under field type "Hidden Value".  By selecting "Hidden Value" and having only one field, the user will not be prompted for any field values and the user can go straight to previewing.
5. Save and you will now find that it previews.