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[FusionPro] I am having difficulties previewing my product.

There are a number of reasons why the preview won't work.  The most common reason is that you have a file in your PDF whose name has a blank in it, like "my brother.jpg".  You need to go back to all the images you use in creating your PDF and make sure that each image has no file that has a blank in its name.  Replace the blank with an underscore and continue.  So, "my brother.jpg" should become "my_brother.jpg".

Make sure that the field names are the same in the pdf as they are in our software.

Also, make sure that no field names have blanks in them.

Fusion Pro has difficulties with EPS files that contain transparencies.  We have found that if you convert that EPS to a PDF you can keep the transparencies and you still have a vector based file.